Your business may be eligible for the NZTE Capability Voucher Scheme, which helps eligible businesses pay for certain Business Development services offered by BDO Rotorua. The vouchers can cover up to 50% of the cost of a course, and your business may be eligible to receive up to $5,000 a year. For more information click here.

Advanced financial management programs

A one day program facilitated by Partner Michelle Hill designed to have participants skilled in understanding the difference between profit and cashflow including the key components in each, calculating and understanding key financial ratios, what key performance indicators they need to monitor in their business, the breakeven point, the calculation of an hourly charge rate, all done through the use of many practical examples.  An excellent workbook and then a follow up one hour one-on-one session with Michelle allows you to put it all into practice in your business.

Bi-monthly or quarterly monitoring services

These one-on-one sessions provide an excellent springboard for those wanting to take their business to that next level in terms of operating efficiency and personal/financial success.  Results are monitored, assessed for their ability to be improved and targets are set with processes being the core element to be improved, ensuring success.  While results are being measured and monitored they will inevitably improve.  An independent person to report to also means that the jobs set down to be done are achieved, again providing for success in the relatively short term.

Client Advisory Board

A selection of your core and most respected business clients are selected and invited to spend 2-3 hours with partner Michelle Hill discussing the services/products your business provides, and the way that you provide them.  They are asked a number of predetermined questions particularly around the areas of the business that they wish to expand.  You tap into a wealth of knowledge your clients possess which they apply to your business, but they also give you the ability to move forward in a number of ways with their loyal support.  A comprehensive report and de-brief complete this service.


On a whole host of various issues reaching outside of the usual compliance services that you would expect to receive from a Chartered Accountancy practice.  These include benchmark reporting, trust administrative reviews, succession planning, dissolution of business structures due to closure, restructure, marriage dissolutions, company board meeting chairmanship, restructuring advice, and much more.  During the years of owning her own business, Michelle has experienced most of the challenges that people face in business first hand.

Monthly Management program

This one-on-one program with business owners is usually the result (although not necessarily) of having completed a one day strategic planning session.  Goals are set and the owner’s vision for their business is highlighted.  Vigorous analysis of where the business currently is and where it would like to go are part of the program’s regime.  We help you to identify the changes that need to be made to achieve your business goals.  Your progress is monitored on a monthly basis.  A monthly action plan, unlimited phone and email support from BDO partners are some of the added extras.

Strategic Planning Day

Following the completion of a substantial fact gathering questionnaire, a structured whole day one-on-one session is run to uncover the aspects of the business that warrant change or further development.  This is an in-depth look at not just the financial position and results of the business but also the business direction, business systems, human resource management, business compliance, income tax planning, marketing, investment and retirement planning, risk management, succession planning and so on.  A fully comprehensive outcome report and action plan that become living and working documents are also provided following the day.

Team Advisory Boards

Where the team sits down at a 2-3 hour session with a BDO Partner  and they appropriately discuss the way the business operates, their suggestions for developing the way forward, their ideas on how to overcome any bottlenecks or hurdles the business faces, the positive areas the business has that could be progressed further.  A full de-brief and report is provided to the owners of the business following the session.

Team Building Programs

There are a number of specially designed programs that you can utilise with your team.  From practical team building exercises, to writing a combined commitment statement for clients or commitment to each other, to understanding various team member’s personality traits and how to deal with them to their advantage in the workplace, to understanding more about communication ……. there is a program that can be designed to suit your team.


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