A Practical Approach to Systems and Processes

Quite often we can feel as though we are juggling all parts of the business that we own. Trying to be everything to everybody. You neglect to take time out for yourself; there is little or no time for family, friends and holidays. Let’s take a steps back from the business we own, and take a good hard look at things. Think about your role in the business objectively and…  Read more

To be, or not to be in Business. Have You Got What it Takes?

One of the most important questions to ask before going into business on your own is “am I cut out for it?” A question which many small business owners find themselves asking at a much later stage, as they don’t truly understand what’s involved at the beginning. I remember the case of a client who, after three years in business, was suffering major setbacks and unsure whether to cut his…  Read more

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