Keeping up to date with the latest Xero announcements – Online quotes

Xero have been working hard releasing lots of new features over the last year so you could have easily overlooked a few of the developments.

 Here’s a quick look at Online Quotes.

In the past in order to send a quote you created and printed a ‘draft invoice’. For users that knew how to modify the invoice templates (easy to access and straight forward to learn), this proved a way around removing the pesky “DRAFT” and replacing it with “QUOTE”.


In January Xero released the new quote system (that meant you could still create draft invoices – i.e. pre loading a sales invoice before issuing it) and also send out a quote to a potential customer.

The beauty of quotes was that you could then edit and approve the issued quote transforming it seamlessly into an invoice with all the relevant details already there.

You could also manage outstanding quotes and anticipate potential future sales that were in the pipeline.

xero quotes

Then came online quotes……..

“Yeah so what” I hear you say, “Xero is cloud based already, how different could this be?”

Well it was a pretty nifty release that got us buzzing to be honest

What the online side of things allows is for you to now email that quote (or print and send if you still preferred) directly to a customer, very much like invoices can be. The customer can then approve/decline or comment on the quote.

Within Xero you will then see this information and can make faster decisions accordingly.

Just like invoices the quotes can be templated to your business needs, adding details such as: business logo’s, terms of quote, quote expiry period and more…..

xero quotes pic

For more information contact a Xero Hero at the BDO Rotorua office.


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