Keeping up to date with Xero – Extra invoicing functionality

Welcome to the New Year we hope you had an enjoyable holiday season and have started 2016 off with a bang.

Xero have been working hard releasing lots of new features so you could have easily overlooked a few of the developments.

Here’s a quick look at the extra invoicing functionality released in 2015.

Linking materials to the customer
Up until recently when you purchased materials for a particular job you may have needed to make a note of it so that you could bill them out (job cards).

Missing items that should have been billed to a customer is a major source of frustration for a lot of clients.

Xero allows you to note which item can be on-billed (during the purchase phase) in order to automatically suggest these later on (during invoicing).

invoice -1


invoice -2

This should  make sure you recover all the billable expenses on a job.

Another good way is to setup tracking and track a particular job’s total expenses against what you have billed.
By running a report against a tracked item, only that tracking category is shown so you are easily able to eliminate all the other figures that are not part of that job.



invoice 2


BDO Rotorua look forward to backing your business success in 2016.

For more information contact a Xero Hero at the BDO Rotorua office on (07) 347 9087.

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