Keeping up to date with the latest Xero announcements – Side by side files

Xero have been working hard releasing lots of new features over the last year so you could have easily overlooked a few of the developments.

Here’s a quick look at Side by Side Files released in earlier in March

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Side by side files are an extension of the Xero file server system which allows you to view the actual invoice you received (pdf) next to the invoice within Xero you are creating.

If you are thinking about reducing the volume of paper your business consumes, or just looking to remove some clutter from your files this is the way to go.

Xero File Server

If at this point you are wondering what I’m talking about you are not alone. Many Xero users overlooked the subtle folder sitting in the top right hand corner of the screen that looked like a file.

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When you click the folder you open up a space to save documents and attach them to various invoices and cash transactions.

As described above, this is where the side by side file comes into play.

You can view the pdf again in the future, have it ready for your end of year accounts and easily allow us accountants a review of the source document if you need help with the transaction.

It gets better however…. Xero gave you a unique email address so that you don’t need to necessarily go through the process of finding the file and uploading it. Instead you can just forward those emails that contain the pdf invoice and hey presto it’s in the Xero file server.

But wait there’s more….. For those extra experts out there you can also set forward notification on your email account that will pick up emails you receive (for example: power bills each month from your supplier that have the invoice) and forward a copy automatically to the Xero files server.

It’s like you have your very own email elves’ doing all the work while you sleep, magical stuff!

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