Making Your Business Really Fly

When it comes to running a business a lot of people do not realise how important it is to create value.  Business owners simply keep working hard, but quite often they are working on the wrongs things.

Most people work IN their business. However, the secret is to work ON your business so that you don’t have to work in it.

What does “working ON it” mean? Simply developing key systems—systems for everything!

A number of things happen when you systematise processes. First, YOU don’t have to do the process. Second, others less skilled than you can do it. Third, when you systematise, you automatically develop what we call ‘a way of doing it here.’

That ‘way of doing it here’ not only makes things happen in a totally predictable way, it also makes your business worth much more. Why? Because you have a way of doing it here.

When you start a process you should understand exactly what the end point is—before you start.

Think about that in the context of a business. How many of us actually do that? How many of us actually begin with the end in mind?

Very few. Most of us jump into business and before you know it are so ‘busy’ we have no time to think about where the business is going, how it will be shaped, and what it will be like the day we retire or sell it!

Instead of creating a business that works, we create a business that is us. A business that often becomes all-consuming. And worse yet, when it all becomes too much, we sell our most precious asset for far less than it would have been worth if we had started with the end in mind.

But, let’s go a little further and deeper. To do that, consider the true purpose of any business.

Once you get the thought processes of beginning with the end in mind, the true purpose comes out. The purpose of a business is to create life. Life for whom? Life for you and for the people with whom you interact.

Yet, so often the reality is that a business doesn’t create life. It gradually takes away the life we had. Our business becomes our life.

That’s nothing short of a tragedy. We don’t see our kids and our families. We don’t create life. We let it ebb away.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. There really is another path.

If we really can begin with the end in mind, then when we apply that to our businesses, it means that the business must have an end point. That is, there must be a point when we can stand back and say, “Now it’s finally done.”

At that point, we can choose to keep it or we can choose to sell it. In fact, suppose we planted this thought in your head to help you begin with the end in mind.

We do have the choice—to build a business that works rather than a business that consumes our life.

Creating systems is part of taking that choice. The sooner you start doing so, the sooner you’ll be free to choose to work in your business all day long if you prefer, but at this point, it will be a choice rather than a must!

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