John Key Quasi Capital Gains Tax set to stop the cowboys

Ahead of today’s Budget announcements, one of the most interesting things we’re likely to see will be the fine-tuning of John Key’s quasi-capital gains tax announced last weekend. This tightening of rules on property transactions, which comes into effect on 1 October, will see a capital gains tax (CGT) imposed on residential property sold within two years of buying it. It follows ongoing prodding by the Reserve Bank of New…  Read more

The Labour Party Fiscal Policy

The Labour Party’s Fiscal Plan was recently announced and, of course, being a Chartered Accountant, I was naturally drawn to their tax policy. Now, tax policy by itself, won’t hang a government or hand the reins of power to a new government, but it is surprising how heated some people can get about tax policy and there will be plenty of arguments aired from either side of the centre line…  Read more

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